Silverlight and Drupal: Syndication

I will be writing a few posts on connecting silverlight and drupal in which I will replicate my main site. I will be doing this piece by piece as I investigate each drupal module that I am using and how I can request the appropriate data to populate my silverlight controls. I have outlined the basics needed to accomplish this in my previous post and will be focusing on the new information that is needed to complete each new piece.

Connecting Drupal and Silverlight

Deep Zoom: Selecting an Image

After reading Kirupa's excellent blog post about filtering images in a Deep Zoom Collection, I decided to take it one step further. Deep Zoom has the potential to allow us to think way outside the box. There have already been some great examples of this, such as: Jose Fajardo's demo and Deep Earth. I'm sure there are a few other great examples out there, but those 2 really demonstrate true potential for this technology.

Battle Tank

Popfly has gone offline ...

Tank Game in Silverlight 2


Silverlight 2 Beta Issues

After playing around with Silverlight 2 beta some more, I have run into a few issues. A quick note about this post, I have been a WPF developer for a couple of years now so my issues may not really be issues, but rather differences between Silverlight and WPF that I find to be bothersome. I'm sure Microsoft will be working to fix some of these issues as they are minor, but there is 1 major issue that has been talked about in further detail, Silverlight's control templating model. Dr.

Silverlight 2 Beta 1 First Impressions

While things were slowing down at work, MIX 08 was starting up. I wish I could have attended but unfortunately my job takes precedence. I've been reading blog posts about MIX 08 and it sounds like it was a great time for Silverlight 2! The more I read about Silverlight 2  the more it sounded like Microsoft has finally got the ball on the road. This project (the amoeba project) was originally designed to be a Silverlight app. After digging into Silverlight 1.1, the feature set was not there yet to support our overall idea.

WPF Performance: Canvas.SetLeft vs Translate Transform

A quick update on this blog, I will be traveling for my job in the coming week for a few weeks and will most likely not have time to post anything. I will try to keep this blog updated as best I can in the next few weeks, but no promises. Once I get back I will continue on with my postings. Now on with this post ...

Control your computer using a wiimote and WPF

ok, so you don't need any WPF at all to actually control you computer using a wiimote, but everyone loves the simplicity of making and controlling a gui with WPF that we should use it anyway's! Plus, WPF is just cool. Anyway, using Brian Peek's Managed Library for the Wiimote (I used version you can receive data from the wiimote about its IR coordinates (up to all 4 IR sensors now!) and all of its button states.

Control your wiimote using WPF (no wii needed)

I'm sure almost everyone knows about the Nintendo wii. It uses a different type of controller that is a real ingenious piece of equipment. The controller is the wiimote that has some awesome sensors in it. Much more detailed information can be found at the WiiLi Wiki. There are links that describe what type of sensors the wiimote has and how it works. There are also links that describe the data the the wiimote passes to the wii.

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